Westwynd Farm is proud to be
a dealer for
DUETT. " The Partnership of Horse and Rider."

Duett saddles are reasonably priced, well designed and crafted.  
They are made with top quality craftsmanship and details, excellent
leather (smooth bridle or grained), and first rate design from a
major German company which has been in business for over thirty
years.  Specializing in difficult to fit wide, broad back and low
withered equines.

The wider trees on these saddles are uniquely designed to fit wide
horses like no other saddle made - but, we offer them for medium
width horses, also!

The trail saddle designed by and for DUETT!

The COMPANION is built on the RONDO tree. This
is the tree that, at its widest, is the best fit on the
table-backed, low-withered equines! (The narrower
trees fit withered horses.)

These are the features of this fantastically comfortable
saddle which make it ideal for both pleasure trail riding
and endurance riding:
Lightly quilted, soft seat is comfortable for unlimited
hours...Extended, wide, panels distribute the rider's
weight over a large area....Note: These are wool
flocked panels and as easy for fitters to adjust as
Duett's other wool flocked panels!
SPECIAL FEATURE: Removeable/moveable knee
AND calf blocks give the utmost in flexibility to the
Long billets used with dressage girth keeps the rider's
leg comfortable....
Lots of D rings and a crupper attachment....
Textured, grained brown leather on the flaps gives
added grip and stability to your leg--it's durable, too!
Available in 17" through 20" seats
NOTE: This saddle works well for Icelandics and
other gaited horses.
In addition, with the movable knee block, it's easy to
move the block back towards your knee and keep a
nice, straight leg.
Also available in black by special order.

The Companion Foxhunter

The COMPANION FOXHUNTER is a variation on
the Companion trail model. This saddle is useful for
trail riding, since it has the same comfortable padded
seat, removable knee and calf blocks and the same tree
and flap design. However, with short billets and two
brass D rings on the right side of the seat, in a
gorgeous, rich brown leather, it has the right look for
foxhunters, or for trail riders who want a more
traditional style.

19&20 in seats, add $60
Companion Foxhunter


The Rondo is a favorite all purpose saddle. As with all
Duetts, the seat is superbly comfortable. The Rondo
allows you to forget about the saddle underneath you ...
it has no hard edges, no uncomfortable pommel, and it
has a wide platform to sit on! The minute you get into
it, you'll feel right at home. For kids and ponies, the 16"
saddle with a 34 or 36 cm tree is usually fine; if you
want a 15" seat, contact us.

Smooth, elegant, upgraded bridle leather on flaps
Smooth knee pads
Deep seat, knee blocks, wool flocking.
Available in 34 cm (wide), 36 cm (extra wide) and 38 cm
(super wide) trees

Our popular Rondo model also comes in a two tone
Brown smooth leather on flap for grip and security,
which is flexible and breaks in easily
Smooth, soft, brown knee pads
Deep, immensely comfy seat and moderately large knee
blocks for security
Wool flocking for adjustability
Crupper attachment on the wider trees
Available in 32 cm (medium), 34 cm (wide), 36 cm (extra
wide) trees, and 38 cm (super wide for Fjords, drafts,
Available in 17" and 18" seats--buy 18" if you normally
ride in 17.5".   16" also available for children.

Add $50 for 19 in seats
16in seats: $869

The Encore is the dressage saddle that just "disappears
under you." It's a saddle that gives great freedom to the

The Encore is available from  17.5 to 19" seat in a wide
variety of tree widths: 32, 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38 cm.

The Encore is just a great saddle for the conventional
dressage rider with an eye for style, for the close contact
dressage enthusiast and a good choice for trail riders
Its features are:

Made with high quality smooth leather on the flaps,
nice, flexible and easy to break in.
Smooth knee pads .  Black nubuck leather seat for
superior stability and grip
Removable knee blocks for those who want the closest
The saddle is designed so that when you remove the
block, another piece of shaped leather covers the velcro
area completely, keeping it free of horsehair.
As with other Duetts, you will feel immediately
comfortable and at home with the Encore.


ENCORE comes in 32, 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38 cm. It has a
(very slightly) flatter seat. Riders who like a more open
seat and closer contact prefer it.
19&20 in seats, add $60

The Fidelio is our fabulous dressage model, featuring:
Deep & soft seat
Billeting system with optional front point keeper
Herm Sprenger stirrup bars
Selected, best quality leather
3 sets of knee blocks--large, medium or small to suit the
individual rider
Heat molded knee pad shaped over block
Gusseted, wool flocked panels as in our other dressage
The Fidelio is a comfortable, beautiful saddle at an
amazing price.   If we don't have the seat/tree you need
in stock, we can order it for you. Seat sizes 17"-19",
with trees from 32 to 38 cm.

Price: $1589

Features include SELECTED, HIGH GRADE
Seats 17, 17.5, 18 and 19 in a variety of tree sizes.
19&20 in seats, add $60

We can order ANY Duett, including the Largo and Fidelio Dressage models.
Presto and Allegro Jump saddles are also available, as is the new Tango model, for
gaited horses!  Just let us know how we can help you.  Farm calls can be arranged within a
reasonable distance to try different models on your horse.  I can do tracings and give advice
on saddle fit.  There is no charge for this service other than a nominal fee to cover fuel costs.

EMAIL US at: westwynd@comcast.net
CALL US at: 253-847-9270

To see more photos of the saddles above, visit www.duettsaddles.com
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Saddles in stock:
updated 1/12

Rondo (a/p) in brown, 18 inch seat, 34 cm tree. sold

Companion (trail) 17.5 in seat, 34 cm tree.

Companion (trail) Gently used 18 in seat, 38 cm tree. sold

Largo (dressage) 17.5 in seat, 34 cm tree

Encore (dressage) 18 in seat, 36 cm tree (Demo model-will sell at a reduced price)

Fidelio (Dressage) 18 in seat, 36 cm tree

Bravo (gaited) 19 in seat, 38 cm tree sold

Even if we don't have what you want, we can order it!  We can have the saddle you are
interested in drop shipped from Duett and sent
directly to you for trial.  See below for our trial

updated 1/12

None at this time.

If you would like to consign your saddle, I´d be happy to help you sell it.  Please
contact me for details.

Contact us at:
Phone: 253-847-9270
or email us at: westwynd@comcast.net


We're happy to send you a saddle on trial as long as you understand and agree to the following
Saddle must be paid in full prior to shipping.  If the saddle is returned as agreed upon (free from
blemishes) your money will be refunded.
Your saddle trial period lasts for one week (seven days) from receipt of saddle, unless you have made
other arrangements with us. Please email with the tracking number of the saddle when/if you ship a
saddle back.

You may put the saddle directly on your horse to evaluate fit, but if you return the saddle, you must
clean it first.

You are encouraged to girth up the saddle and ride in it so that you can correctly evaluate the fit.
However, the integrity/condition of the flaps must be maintained. Wrapping your leathers (saran
wrap works well, as do tube socks) or placing smooth dishtowels under the leathers all the way up to
the stirrup bars before you ride, is required.  Another option is to ride with your leathers
under the
flaps.  If a saddle is returned with signs of abrasion on the flaps, there will be a restocking fee of 25%.  
without tall boots or half-chaps will also help protect the leather.  If the saddle is returned with
signs of significant damage (scratches, punctures, etc), we
cannot accept it back and will be unable to
refund your money.  We are sorry to have to implement this policy.

Please be sure that you follow our
instructions for evaluating fit and comfort, including girthing up
and sitting in the saddle (very important), even if you ride without leathers for a while. In this way,
you'll be more certain that you are making the right choice for you and your horse. Remember that
you are responsible for making the decision on fit (tree width, seat size).   A saddle fitter can help you
make this decision.   Also,
it is not uncommon for a saddle to require flocking adjustments.  Saddles
are flocked to fit a "hypothetical horse," and if your horse's topline differs, you may find the saddle
does not sit quite as nicely on the horse as you wish. In this case, we suggest that you contact a saddle
fitter to determine if a flocking adjustment will improve fit.

We accept credit cards via
 Paypal, and personal checks (must clear prior to shipping)
copyright 2004 Sandy Solberg
Our newest model.......the TANGO

This model was designed with three types of riders in
mind. First, it's for all of you call and say "I mostly trail
ride but I also want to school and show low level
dressage," for those who ride GAITED horses with a
long leg, and for those who want the comfort of the
Companion models with the ability to ride with a long

Note: this saddle is a hybrid of the COMPANION
TRAIL--same padded seat and same wide, weight
bearing panels--and a DRESSAGE, with a straighter
flap and moveable block. The flap is just a little bit
wider and a little bit shorter than on our dressage
models. It will give you and your horse the
long-distance comfort of the Companion trail.

We have ordered the Tango with no back D rings or
crupper attachment, so that the saddle can be used in the
dressage ring. However, our fitter and repair person can
add D rings for a small fee

Price: $1299
19 & 20 in seats, add $60

The Largo is built with a deep seat and a semi-cutback
in the pommel.
*smooth bridle leather.
*smooth knee pads or nubuck.
*black nubuck leather seat for superior grip
*pronounced knee blocks
*billeting system with two billets attached to the saddle
tree in three locations that balances and is designed to
stabilize the saddle; it is the same as the billeting system
for the Encore saddle and similar to that of the Fidelio.
*cutback pommel and very deep, comfortable, well
padded seat
*spacious gullet: about four fingers wide at the center of
the tree
*wool flocked panels which conform to the body of the
horse and are adjustable as your horse changes shape
*keepers on the bottom of the upper flap allow billets
to be threaded through, which helps pull the flaps tight
to the horse.
*Pretty, soft gray piping around the seat--subtle, but
Available in 34 to 40 cm trees
17 to 20 in seats (add $60 for 19&20 in orders)

price: $1299